AIDoubler aims to be the top data annotation platform in the EU. Surely the number one for voice and text annotation in the CEE region.


Artificial Intelligence enhances our capabilities to solve problems and to produce new ideas. We believe that dynamic development of AI will deeply reorient lives all of the people over the world.

There is a dramatic need for MedTech solutions to tackle cancer.

In agriculture and logistics of food, there is a vast space to address the inequality and even famine.

AI solutions may enable optimal transportation in the widely urbanizing world.

This combined with more sustainable smart cities will enhance the lives of billions of people.


At the AIDoubler team, we believe that we can accelerate this revolution.  We do it with a platform for companies that want to build solutions based on AI faster and in a more precise way.

On the other hand, the AID team is aware of the risks connected with the dynamic development of AI algorithms. This may lead to the creation of artificial general intelligence (AGI) in the following decades. Thus, we responsibly follow the OpenAI. An organization set up to ensure that the AGI benefits all of humanity. This is also why we are so keen to take part in the scholar projects working on the unblackboxing of AI.